Coronavirus: Why are the elderly at greater risk of death from infection? New research revealed

Elderly patients are more at risk of death from corona virus risk than youngsters. By comparing immune responses of different ages, new research has tried to explain the cause. Researchers say that small amounts of immune cells are produced in elderly patients suffering from the disease.

According to research published in the American Society for Microbiology magazine M Bio, older people have more serious diseases than young people. In them the cytotoxic portion of immune control is not effective in responding to the virus.

In Germany, who performed the research, the virus scientist at the University Hospital Essen, Janadiy Gelinski, and his team tested the blood sample of 30 people. He had mild symptoms of Kovid-19. Through blood samples, researchers discovered how T cell reacts during SARS-Cove-2 infection. Significantly, T cell is required to identify and eliminate infected cells.

Research done on 20-90 year old patients

In all patients aged 20–90 years, researchers found that acute infection of the corona virus produced less blood in T cell patients than healthy people. Genadalie Jelinski says that T cell deficiency is one of the many unwanted surprises of Kovid-19. He said that most viruses act as catalysts in the expansion of the immune system once they enter the body.

It also includes T cells. They play an important role in removing virus-infected cells. T cells kill the infected cells in the body by producing cytotoxic molecules. But when a person’s immune system produces a small amount of T cell, then the fight against virus infection is weakened.

Cytotoxic controls T cell infection

They reported that cytotoxic molecules are produced less in younger age patients than in 80–90 years of age. The SARS-Cove-2 virus attaches to the cells of the mouth or nose. From where this virus reaches the lungs and spreads to other parts of the body. “Cytotoxic T cells actually fight for occupation in the acute phase of infection,” says Gennadiy Zelinski.

If the immune system of elderly patients produces fewer T cells, then this cell would not be fully armed. Due to which there is insufficient defense against SARS-Cove-2. Viral molecules keep spreading and as a result the infection gets worse. New research suggests that the cytotoxic T cell plays an important role in controlling early infection. However, researchers warn that it is too early to say.

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