Advice for cancer patients to be protected from Covid-19 with additional measures

Kocaeli University Hospital Chief Physician and General Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. Nuh Zafer Cantürk told Anadolu Agency (AA) that people thought life ended when the disease of the age got cancer, but the truth was not like that.

Emphasizing that advances in early diagnosis opportunities and treatment options have made the fight against cancer successful, Cantürk said that in the future, it may become completely curable.

Expressing that increasing physical and psychological strength is important in fighting cancer, Cantürk continued:

“Early diagnosis, increased awareness, new medications in treatment possibilities, treatment options and reduction in surgical areas increase the success. This will go further in the coming period. The most common lung and prostate cancers in men, breast cancer in women, but also in women, the frequency of lung cancer has started to increase. It would not be wrong to say that cigarette consumption and the work of women in the kitchen contribute to this. Cancer rates are increasing, but death rates are decreasing day by day.

According to Age pointing to the presence of varying types of cancer Cantürk, being young population in Turkey, he said younger age increases the incidence of cancer.

“Cancer patients and their relatives should be very careful”

Prof. Dr. Cantürk stated that they were trying to prioritize the surgery and treatment of cancer patients in the Kovid-19 process, and made the following assessment:

“He’s setting of the healthcare system in Turkey thus continues, our ability to manage our patients. Cancer in priority be coronavirus vaccine to their patients. Healthy individuals the disease course when Kovid-19 captured unknown will be how. Cancer patients on chemotherapy received or when cancer due to a number of serious injuries on their bodies when they have surgery This negatively affects the body’s defense system.

You can think of cancer as a ‘monster’ devouring the human body. In the human body this works and eats you up. If you encounter Kovid-19 during this period, you may have a worse course of coronavirus because there is extra negativity and burden in the body. Cancer patients need to be protected from Kovid-19 with extra precautions, but this does not mean that every cancer patient will have a bad course when Kovid-19 is. Cancer patients and their relatives need to be very careful, considering the additional disadvantages of cancer.

Cantürk, who asked cancer patients to comply with mask, distance and hygiene rules like everyone else, noted that the rules should not be abandoned even if the vaccine is given.