Eyebrow Lift

Our eyebrows are unquestionably one of the most significant factors in determining our facial expression. It is colored by the forms of our eyebrows in our facial expression. As a result, our face is one of the most essential aspects of our body. Our brows are typically slightly angled in shape. Low brows give the individual a sad and unattractive appearance. People appear exhausted and irritated as a result of this. This situation has a negative impact on the other person’s social life as well as the person’s own. However, there is now a program in our lives that will bring an end to this. With eyebrow lift procedures, you will be able to achieve a person’s relaxed and glamorous appearance. The brow raise procedure does not require surgery. Your eyebrows can be corrected with permanent make-up application if the treatment is performed by a good make-up specialist. At the same time, a cosmetic surgeon ensures that patients get the brow look they want by using botox and the sling system in conjunction with the procedure.

Eyebrow Lift Operations

While eyebrow lift procedures are permanent, there will be a minor reduction in aging-related forehead wrinkles in anyone who undergoes the procedure. Because of the passage of time, these are incidents that should be considered natural. Your eyebrow form and how often your brows will be raised will be determined when you decide with the doctor and fulfill your highest standards. And the operation is completed by making a design that best suits your face shape. Upon request, forehead lift surgery can be performed together with eyebrow lift operation. There are several different methods for eyebrow lift operations. These; It is the botox method with the suspension method. When determining which application to use on the patient, there are a some important factors. Any of these considerations include the patient’s age, the degree of brow deformation, and the cause of the deterioration. Taking these factors into account, the procedure would yield better and more profitable results.