Hot Pepper Gives Happiness

Capsaicin, which gives bitterness to pepper, which is among the indispensable flavors for some on the tables, increases the secretion of the hormone endorphin in the body, helps to create a feeling of happiness, reduce stress.

Some do not eat hot pepper, the consumption of which dates back to very old times, while others consume it with love. Hot pepper, which has many benefits to human health, has benefits such as protecting the body from disease when consumed regularly. It is recommended to consume cayenne pepper, which allows the secretion of the hormone happiness in the brain, those who have a stressful work life, those who suffer from physical fatigue. Cayenne pepper can help the body relax and reduce stress by increasing the endorphin hormone, which gives a feeling of happiness in a person.


Ali Manavoglu, President of the Antalya branch of the Chamber of food Engineers, said that pepper is a store of vitamin C, the capsaicin substance in its content gives a painful and burning sensation. Manavoglu said:

“Pepper is known as a bitter and burning vegetable. In fact, Pepper has a different, little-known aspect. Human body response mechanism. When we eat the pepper, the body reacts to the feeling of pain. Pepper is one of the vegetables containing vitamin C. Pepper has capsaicin, which gives a bitterness taste. When we consume pepper, it secretes endorphins, serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine, which gives a feeling of happiness against the feeling of pain. Especially the level of the hormone endorphin increases. Signals transmitted to the brain raise the level of endorphins to suppress the feeling of pain. The body begins to be happy. When we consume cayenne pepper, our body releases happiness hormone to suppress this feeling. Excess of this hormone also causes anger in humans. For both health and happiness, consuming enough cayenne pepper will benefit.”


The citizen agrees that hot pepper gives happiness despite the painful burning sensation on the tongue and inside the mouth. Hasan Ters, who buys hot peppers at the district market, said: “I am happy when I eat peppers. I eat pain at every meal,” he said, while Yasin first said, “it makes me eat as I eat, it also gives happiness. I’m so happy. It’s both natural and beneficial to the body,” he said. Pepper seller Habibe said: “it prevents cancer. My brother loves it, and I love it. We always eat. I think it makes him happy, ” he said.


Cayenne pepper, which supports the body’s removal from toxins, can strengthen the immune system. Citrus fruits give 2 times the support of vitamin C cayenne pepper alone can give. In case of regular consumption of cayenne pepper, the blood circulation becomes healthy. In this way, heart diseases, cholesterol, high blood pressure can be prevented. In winter, cayenne pepper can be used effectively to remove infections that occur in the throat. Cayenne pepper, which supports the regular functioning of the digestive system, can protect digestion from external factors.

Rheumatism, which is among the main problems of the era, can be consumed with cayenne pepper to improve the condition. Bone resorption can prevent problems such as premature fractures of the bones. Cayenne pepper protects the health of the stomach and esophagus by helping the body balance the amount of acid.