Is early diagnosis of breast cancer possible?

Prof. Dr. Onur Hüseyin Sıldıroğlu said the following:

Early diagnosis of breast cancer is possible. One in 8 women in the world is struggling with breast cancer. Since breast cancer is very common, women should have annual periodic examinations even if they do not have any complaints. In these periodic examinations, especially mammography and breast ultrasound come to the fore. Although there are no complaints, masses can be found in many patients as a result of screening tests and these masses can be treated. The treatment of breast masses is surgical. However, early treatment is not the same as treatment for future breast lumps. While only the affected tissue of the breast is removed in the early period, chemotherapy and radiotherapy are also involved in the future and more severe treatments are in question. In this case, mammography and breast ultrasounds should be routinely checked in order to rule out the possibility of early breast cancer.