It caused the death of 250 thousand to 500 thousand people! This year has been overshadowed by the coronavirus!

As a result of the measures taken against the coronavirus, which affected the world and killed more than 2 million 700 thousand people in more than a year, it was determined that there were no deaths due to the flu this year. Stating that the flu virus, which has very similar symptoms with the coronavirus, should be taken seriously, Çukurova University (CU) Faculty of Medicine Balcalı Hospital Department of Infectious Diseases Faculty Member Assoc. Dr. Süheyla Kömür said that, according to the statements of the World Health Organization, 250 thousand to 500 thousand people die every year due to influenza and illnesses triggered by the flu. Assoc. Dr. Coal noted that in parallel with the pandemic measures, they almost never encountered cases admitted to polyclinics due to influenza this year.


Stating that they have almost never come across the flu cases that cause the death of thousands of people every year in risky groups around the world, with pandemic measures, Assoc. Dr. Coal explained the reason for this as follows:

“In parallel with the coronavirus measures, we have almost never seen the flu this year. Influenza is also transmitted from person to person by droplet, contact. Mask, hand hygiene, distance measures, which are currently included in the coronavirus measures, have also been very effective in reducing the cases of flu. “Not going to work, not going to work, staying away from other people, paying more attention to hygiene rules were the biggest factors in the decrease of flu cases.”


Noting that flu is also a virus-borne infection, Assoc. Dr. Süheyla Kömür, “Especially in pregnant women, cancer, heart, diabetic patients, asthma, lung patients with COPD and immunocompromised patients using some medications, it can turn into pneumonia. It can be fatal and cause respiratory failure. It may require hospitalization and intensive care. Therefore, flu. In other words, in risk groups, every respiratory tract infection can progress to a severe course and turn into a fatal disease. People who think they have flu should consult a doctor, “he said.


Underlining that when a person has a respiratory tract infection during the pandemic period, it is accepted as a coronavirus and must take precautions accordingly. Dr. Coal explained how to distinguish the two viruses as follows:

“In flu cases, there may be fever, muscle aches, general condition disorder or fatigue enough to put the person to bed. The same complaints are also present in the coronavirus. This may be a situation that the person cannot distinguish. Therefore, he should take the necessary precautions by considering himself as a coronavirus. Covid test should definitely be done. It is important to differentiate between influenza and Covid-19. When we think of coronavirus, we have PCR tests. In flu cases, we diagnose them with laboratory tests from swab samples. The complaints may be similar, but we can distinguish the two from each other in a laboratory environment. “


Emphasizing that people with complaints should not pass by thinking that they have flu, Assoc. Dr. Coal, “We have encountered many cases of coronavirus, who attribute their complaints to flu, cold, cold, do not apply to the hospital, delay in admission and therefore have a bad disease. For this reason, people with fever, cough and muscle pain should definitely consult a doctor. ‘I have flu, I have a cold’ “It is very important to apply to the hospital and the doctor in terms of preventing both themselves and the environment,” he said.

Source: DHA

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