Record penalty for the French pharmaceutical company that produces slimming pills that killed thousands of people

The lawsuit filed against the weight loss pill named “Mediator”, which was produced by the French pharmaceutical company Servier and which caused the death of approximately 2 thousand people due to its side effects, has been concluded. The French media stated in the court’s decision on 19 March that the company was found guilty of “negligence, unintentional death and disability” and stated that it was fined 2.7 million euros.

The court’s judge, Sylvie Daunis, said in a statement regarding the verdict that “they have never taken the necessary precautions despite knowing the risks for years.”

Tried for 7 separate crimes

The company officials were tried for 7 different crimes, including “hiding the side effects of the drug, negligence, causing unintentional death and causing disability”. In the case in which 2 thousand 684 people and the institution participated as an intervening party, 23 people were tried and more than 100 witnesses were heard. In France, 6,500 people, including health funds, claimed 1 billion Euros from the company.


Side effects of the drug, which was banned in 2009, were detected on many patients, and a judicial investigation was initiated in 2010 against the company in question. The owner of the company, Jacques Servier, died in 2014. The drug Mediator, which was withdrawn from the market in 2009, remained on the market for more than 33 years.The first heart disease associated with the drug used by 5 million people was reported in 1999. In 2000, it was announced that Mediator could cause serious heart problems.

Source: DHA