The common cold is superior to Kovid 19!

He said that, according to research conducted in Scotland, the virus that causes the common cold prevails against covid-19.

Scientists from Glasgow University stated that the widespread rhinovirus that causes the common cold can help suppress covid-19, while the benefits of this fight between viruses cover a short period of time.


According to the research, which has been pointed out that people are in danger against the COVID-19 virus again after the common cold is over, the fight of the rhinovirus that causes the common cold against Kovid-19, “Think of the cells in your nose, throat and lungs as houses standing side by side. When the virus enters, it either leaves the door open to allow other viruses in, or closes it tightly to be alone at home. Rhinovirus virus is a very selfish virus. He always wants to infect people alone ”.

In the study published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases, Scottish scientists stated that while injecting both covid-19 and rhinovirus into respiratory cells taken from humans, the common cold virus prevailed against covid-19.


Even if covid-19 entered the body 24 hours ago, it was stated that the rhinovirus that came after 24 hours dominated the covid-19, and the study found that the rhinovirus triggered the immune system in infected cells and this prevented the reproduction of the coronavirus.

Doctor Pablo Murcia, one of the scientists who conducted the research, told the BBC that “the covid-19 cannot move. It is strongly suppressed by the rhinovirus. This is very exciting. If the rhinovirus spreads, it can always stop new Sars-CoV-2 infections”.

It was stated that the flu epidemic affected the swine flu epidemic in recent years, and it was underlined that the great flu epidemic in 2009 may have delayed the spread of swine flu in Europe.