The expert warns: One of Covid-19’s indispensable goals is the heart.

Stating that the relationship between infections and cardiovascular diseases has been known for a long time, Cardiology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Murat Yalçın said, “As with all infections, the defense mechanisms of the body are activated in COVID-19 and inflammation, which we call inflammation, can occur. This inflammation can cause damage to the stable plaques in the heart vessels and impair blood fluidity or endothelial functions that cover the surface of blood vessels. Again, this inflammation can cause blood pressure disorders. Due to all these changes, infections can trigger heart attacks. Some studies on Niketim Kovid-19 showed that about 28 percent of those who had this disease had heart problems. ” said.


Stating that Kovid-19 can trigger a heart attack by triggering the formation of clots or causing disturbances in the balance of oxygen demand delivery of the heart, Medicana Çamlıca Cardiology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Murat Yalçın said, “In addition to heart attack, it can cause heart muscle damage called myocarditis, as well as heart failure, inflammation of the pericardium and rhythm disturbances in the heart. These pictures can be seen during or after the illness. ” found in the description.


Stating that the situation called cytokine storm can be seen in some people with Kovid-19, Assoc. Dr. Murat Yalçın said, “In case of infection in the body, cytokine release is necessary for the immune system to fight infection. However, because of the change caused by covid-19 on the immune system, a high amount of cytokines are released into the blood very quickly, so the so-called cytokine storm may occur. Cytokine storm can lead to multiple organ failure; “This condition, which is called myocarditis and can result in heart failure by causing impairment in the blood pumping function of the heart, is one of these organ damages, cardiological problems such as arrhythmias and acute coronary syndromes.”


Assoc. Dr. Yalçın said, “In addition to the known symptoms of Kovid-19, there may be abnormal blood pressure elevations in chronic heart patients. In heart failure patients, the symptoms can be much more severe with the inflammation of the heart muscle, which we call myocarditis. In addition, the most obvious symptom of Kovid-19 is fever, which increases the risk of heart attack in those with cardiovascular disease, as it increases the inflammatory state in the body. During infection, the need for oxygen of tissues and organs in the body increases. The heart has to work harder to meet this increased need for oxygen. He also warned that due to fluid losses during infections, increased heart rate due to high fever, blood pressure changes during infection, and the disruption in the balance of presentation and need in the heart muscle due to toxins secreted by viruses, he warned.


Emphasizing that we cannot compromise on masks, distance and hygiene until vaccination becomes widespread and the epidemic is brought under control, Assoc. Dr. Murat Yalçın, “People with chronic heart disease, high blood pressure patients, advanced age group, COVID-19 known fever, cough, difficulty in breathing, shortness of breath, weakness and fatigue, muscle and joint pain, headache. As soon as they start to experience one or more of the symptoms such as lack of smell and taste, they should apply to their physicians and health institutions without wasting any time. ” Saying that heart diseases do not wait for the epidemic to end, Cardiology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Murat Yalçın emphasized that the heart controls should be done without neglecting during this period.


Assoc. Dr. “Those who are in the risk group regardless of age and especially those with cardiovascular disease have a more sensitive and susceptible metabolism. At this time, people with chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes should be much more careful and strictly follow the recommendations of official health authorities and experts on the subject. Although there are those who survive the disease as a simple viral infection among those who get the disease worldwide, unfortunately, this cannot be said for those with advanced age and chronic diseases. Since Kovid-19 directly affects the immune system of the body, it also worsens the existing disease picture in the body and reduces the fighting power of the body.

“If we do not have to, we should definitely not leave the house, if we have to leave and have chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, we should wear masks, and we should protect the social protection distance in every environment we enter (home, work, public transportation, even when walking in open areas).

We must be very careful about personal hygiene. We must wash our hands frequently.

We must definitely ventilate our living spaces at least 3 times a day.

If we have to go outside, we should wash our clothes at 60-90 degrees as soon as we return home.

We should stay away from the anxiety caused by the epidemic and do relaxing exercises and activities.

Regular sleep is of great importance.

We should pay great attention to a quality and healthy diet and to consume plenty of fluids.

Also; We should not interfere with our routine checks and be in contact with our physician.

Regular use of our medicines is very important, if your specialist physician does not suggest a different picture, we should take care to use our medicines in the same way and on time.