What is Pharyngitis? How Is It Treated?

  • Pharyngitis, known as Throat Inflammation, is an inflammation of the back wall of the cavity of the nose and mouth. If the pharynx area is inflamed from the moment the person opens his mouth, he has pharyngitis, that is, the pharynx is inflamed. Pharyngitis is a contagious disease. It is generally seen in winter and is a disease caused by the transmission of microbes from person to person. There is no age group privilege in pharyngitis, so everyone is in danger. Pharyngitis disease has a recovery period of three to ten days.
  • Pharyngitis is an upper respiratory tract disease caused by infection. As a symptom of pharyngitis; Symptoms such as hoarseness in the voice, cough, pain in the throat, burning sensation, itching in the throat, dryness in the throat, weakness, runny nose, fever are encountered. However, since pharyngitis is divided into chronic pharyngitis and acute pharyngitis, changes in symptoms and recovery times can be observed.

What is Acute Pharyngitis?

Acute pharyngitis is acute pharyngitis if the person has a sudden onset of severe inflammation on the pharynx. Acute pharyngitis can be seen in all age groups. In addition, the duration of treatment in acute pharyngitis is shorter than in chronic pharyngitis. The recovery period of acute pharyngitis is improvement in a period of three to ten days.

What is Chronic Pharyngitis?

Chronic pharyngitis has milder symptoms compared to acute pharyngitis and shows its effect longer than acute pharyngitis. The most important feature that distinguishes chronic pharyngitis from acute pharyngitis is that the disease is milder than acute pharyngitis and the course of the disease is longer than acute pharyngitis. In addition, the disease does not fully recover in chronic pharyngitis, its symptoms can be reduced with treatment, but it should be noted that chronic pharyngitis does not fully heal.

What is the Cause of Pharyngitis?

Pharyngitis is generally encountered in winter periods. Pharyngitis can also occur due to infection. It can also be caused by microorganisms that cause the flu or cold, later causing acute pharyngitis. However, acute pharyngitis or chronic pharyngitis is not only caused by viruses caused by influenza or the common cold; Intense polluted air, cigarette smoke, hot air more than normal, cold food and drinks also cause pharyngitis. Pharyngitis caused by various reasons; acute or chronic separation is due to different reasons. The triggering factors of pharyngitis also play an important role in this regard.

What is Acute Pharyngitis?

Acute pharyngitis is more common if viruses and bacteria are in addition to it; It is caused by viruses caused by the flu and the common cold.

What Causes Chronic Pharyngitis?

  • From cigarette and alcohol consumption,
  • Caused by dirty air,
  • Pharyngitis, which is caused by dry air than normal, that is, if there is no moisture in the air, this situation is not good either,
  • Dusty air,
  • Extremely cold or extremely hot weather,
  • Cold or very hot foods also cause pharyngitis,
  • Nasal discharge formation,
  • Reflux,
  • Allergy,

What is the Symptom of Pharyngitis?

  • Whether pharyngitis is mostly chronic pharyngitis or acute pharyngitis, its symptoms vary depending on this. But in general, the generally accepted symptom of pharyngitis is sore throat.
  • If you avoid the factors that cause the formation of pharyngitis, you will help the pharyngitis to progress milder.
  • In fact, it will be very good for you to stay away from people who have the flu.
  • In addition, generally accepted symptoms of pharyngitis; pain and burning sensation in the throat, dryness and itching in the throat, fever, hoarseness, weakness, nasal discharge, difficulty in swallowing, swelling in the lymph nodes and pain in the ear.

How Is Pharyngitis Treated?

Although antibiotics are not very effective for the treatment of pharyngitis, it may still have an effect as a result of the death of microbes. Instead, a lot of rest and drinking plenty of water, as well as staying away from polluted and humid air will be very helpful for the treatment.