Women who got vaccinated while pregnant transfer antibodies to their babies

According to the news in the Times Of Israel newspaper, the Hadassah Health Center shared the results of its research on babies brought into the world by women with the Kovid-19 vaccine while pregnant.

Within the scope of the research, blood samples were taken from the umbilical cord after the birth of 40 babies whose mothers were given both doses of the Kovid-19 vaccine.

In the tests, it was seen that all babies had antibodies against Kovid-19.

Professor of the Virus Department of Hadassah Health Center. Dana Wolf reported that the study is an important finding showing that vaccinated mothers transferred the necessary antibody against Kovid-19 to their babies before birth.

Wolf stated that the research points to the importance and benefit of vaccinating pregnant women against Kovid-19.

The Israeli Ministry of Health did not initially recommend it, but later decided that pregnant women should also be vaccinated.

Source: AA