He heard his mother’s voice for the first time

Majra Delic, who was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina as the youngest of two children of Anisa (35) and Azem Delic (36), suffered from a meningitis attack immediately after birth. Consequently, the little girl, who had fluid accumulation in the brain, lost her hearing as a result of both ears being affected by this disease. A shunt was surgically placed behind Majra’s right ear by neurosurgeons. 6 months, hearing tests (EU-BERA) to hear the doctor for clearer Majr said, “to be operated up to 5 years and hearing is not possible,” he said. Koklearimplant that can be heard again the little girl with the treatment bionic ear appealed to Turkey to learn family therapy. Bosnian Majr to With the bionic ear surgery performed by Turkish physicians, the little girl heard it for the first time. The first voice that Majra heard was her mother’s voice.


Turkey’s treatment is important that they come to Istanbul to find out what treatment and mother Anisa Delic, “Preterm birth and after experiencing meningitis attack results in Majra the coming years will have a hearing problem, we were told to. After completing 6 months, we learned that he did not hear with the tests performed. It has been said that the bionic ear will be the only remedy. It was stated that we should wait until the age of 5 for this surgery. In other words, it was stated that Majra could not hear until the age of 5. What I went through today was incredible. Majra looked at me when I called for the first time in 2 years. Today I was both excited and touched as a mother. “I’m very happy now,” he said.


Azem Delic explained that she was very upset like any father when she first realized that her daughter had not heard. Despite these, we tried to look at life in a positive way. How can we solve the problem? we investigated. We went to many cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina for treatment. Every time we went, we were told that bionic ear treatment would not be possible until the age of 5. Our acquaintance who had previously treated in Turkey. Thanks to them, we also contacted Turkish physicians. Bionic ear treatment was carried out here. He heard it for the first time today and it was a very important moment for us. We need a little more time. “We will be happier when he can hear and talk better,” he said.


Assoc. Prof. from Medipol Mega University Hospital Ear Nose and Throat Department, who performed the operation of Bosnian Majra. Dr. Muhammed Fatih Evcimik said, “When the family applied to us, we confirmed that hearing was severe and Majra lost over 80 decibels. In addition, we needed some views. We confirmed the presence of the nerve by performing MRI and tomography. If it were not for the nerve, unfortunately there would be no bionic ear surgery. These children do not benefit from hearing aids either. Therefore, the only option for them is bionic ear and this surgery is required without delay. We decided on this in our examinations and planned the surgery, “he said.


Assoc. Dr. Muhammed Fatih Evcimik shared the following information about the surgery and the procedure performed in the presence of an audiologist:

“We send electrodes to the snail-shaped cochlea located in the inner ear. It has a part and an electrode under the skull. We send this electrode into the ear. The part under the skull comes from the outside with a magnet and sends the sound inside. Therefore, we have an internal part, which will remain with this child for life, which is surgically inserted. We also have an outer part, and today we put on our outer part. Therefore, Majra started to hear sound from the implant for the first time today. In time, it will start to parse words into words. He will hear the voices of his mother, father and brother. He’ll start talking this way. “


Explaining that hearing loss seen in one or two of every thousand children will be treated with bionic ear, Assoc. Dr. Evcimik said, “Bionic ear is a condition that should be treated as soon as possible with early diagnosis in children with congenital hearing loss or hearing loss after discomfort such as jaundice and meningitis. When we don’t treat them, these children will not only hear but will be dumb. Unfortunately, they will continue their lives deaf and dumb. Unfortunately, when you implant after a certain age, these children do not see any benefit. Therefore, it is necessary to detect hearing loss at an early stage. It is necessary to do this surgery at the age of one. It should not lose its hearing center feature in the child’s brain. “If this feature is lost, if these cells in the brain change, then no matter how much stimulation you send to the brain, hearing and speaking cannot occur.”