Pay attention to skin rash and itching during pregnancy

Although itching, which normally develops due to dry skin or changes in weather conditions, but does not cause any rash and does not persist, as in other diseases, some types of itching may indicate important diseases during pregnancy.

Dr. Sertan Aksu continued his words by saying ‘These diseases are as follows’;

• Atopic Eczema Disease of Pregnancy:

They are skin lesions, especially those that involve the inner surfaces of the joint areas, with redness and swelling and usually seen in people with allergic atopic structure before. It is a very itchy disease. It usually tends to be seen in the first and second trimester.

Pemphigoid Disease of Pregnancy:

There are lesions that are itchy, hives-like swellings that can be seen especially in the last stages of pregnancy, and are seen around the belly, arms and legs. It usually improves with birth.

Polymorphic Eruption of Pregnancy:

It is a benign and mildly itchy disease that usually occurs in the first pregnancies and disappears with birth. It has urticaria-like lesions. It develops as a response of the immune system to pregnancy. It especially holds the abdomen and chest circumference.

Pregnancy Cholestasis:

* It is the most important cause of itching in terms of results in pregnancy.
* Unlike other causes of itching, there is no rash, swelling or redness on the skin.
* Itching is moderate to severe
Itching is typical, especially in the palms and soles.
* It is usually seen in the second and third trimester of pregnancy.
* Increase in bile acids is important for diagnosis because it causes obstruction in the gallbladder.
* Pregnancy cholestasis; It may be related to premature birth, growth retardation and, unfortunately, sometimes the loss of the baby in the womb.