“The virus is transmitted from person to animal” – health news

It is transmitted not only from person to person, but also from person to animal. While the fight against the coronavirus epidemic continues in the world, a new statement came from the World Health Organization. World Health Organization Russia Representative Melita Vujnovic said that there is a possibility of transmission of the coronavirus from human to animal. Vujnovic explained that the contact of patients and people at risk with animals should be limited. According to the representative’s statements, coronavirus can be transmitted from humans to cats, dogs, mink, raccoon dogs, lions and tigers. “The coronavirus spreads mainly through human-to-human transmission, but there are evidence of human-to-animal transmission because it is an animal virus,” said the Russian representative.

“The process of examining the effect of the virus on other animal species is ongoing,” Vujnovic also pointed out that it is important to understand which animals are most susceptible to the virus in order to identify other potential animal reservoirs and avoid future epidemics.